About us

What is “Tanigawa”?

Tanigawa is the only Ochaya currently remaining in Minami area (around Dotonbori-river) of Osaka, where the Ochaya culture once flourished. It is said more than a thousand Geisha used to work in the Minami area in the 1960s. Tanigawa continues to keep this tradition and culture till today.

In Tanigawa, there are 3 private Ozashiki rooms and can arrange seats for 2 to 20 guests. It is a place to enjoy a feel of authentic Japan, through a mesmerizing evening of “Ozashiki-asobi” with real Geisha.

What is an “Ochaya”?

Ochaya literally means “tea house,” but it is quite different from a café or a tea house you see in the Western culture. In Ochaya, we provide delicately set up private rooms and arrange traditional Japanese style parties according to the guests’ budget.

In these parties, the guests will enjoy food and drinks, and spend some time with Geishas.

It is a great way to deeply experience the Japanese traditional culture while relaxing and enjoying the evening.  

Who are Geisha?

Geisha are highly-trained female entertainers who will sing, dance and play traditional instruments at the private parties held in an Ochaya. Their tradition as professional entertainers goes back to the mid-18th century.

Geisha beautifully dressed in luxurious silk kimono will attend to the parties in Ochaya, and entertain the guests with their tactful conversations while serving sake and performing their exotic dance and music.

Many people would have heard of the word “Geisha.” Maybe you have seen the opera Madama Butterfly, written by Giacomo Puccini or the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. The central characters in these pieces are Geisha. They describe the esoteric beauty of their existence, but at the same time may be sometimes misleading. True Geisha are not prostitutes as often misunderstood, but are professional performers, proud of their skills in the art of music and dance.

What is Ozashiki-asobi?

“Asobi” means “to play,” as in “all work and no play” or like when children are playing together. An “Ozashiki” is a traditional Japanese style room with tatami mats.

The rooms in an Ochaya are all Ozashiki style rooms. Therefore, the parties held in an Ochaya are known as “Ozashiki-asobi.”

Language Assistance

We kindly ask our guests to arrange by their own and bring with them at least one Japanese speaking interpreter.


Ochaya “Tanigawa”

2-4-29 shimanouchi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0082 Japan
Phone: +81-06-6211-2219
E-mail: info@tanigawa123.com


Available by reservation only.

By subway

Please get off at Nipponbashi station (Sakaisuji Line, Sennichimae Line, Kintetsu Line). It is about a 6-minute walk from exit No.6.


Metered street parking is available near our house.